Alliance Capital Savings

Welcome to Alliance Capital Savings, one of the premier international private wealth management and investment choices for professional and institutional investors. Alliance Capital is registered in the Caymen Islands, thereby allowing investors to receive guaranteed growth throughout the duration of their investment, driven by the Alliance Group’s global operations and subsidiaries.


Part of the Alliance Group – regulated through Global Business Licenses and registered across Asia, Africa, Europe & the Middle East – Alliance Capital Savings can deliver guaranteed investor returns in one of the world’s most investor friendly environments.

Guaranteed returns

This is achieved by establishing a strategic risk managed mechanism for investors leveraged against the Alliance Group. The group maintains assets in excess of 10 times the amount managed by Alliance Capital Savings and holds at least 20% of these funds in cash.

0.01% liabilities: Alliance Global Investment’s liabilities currently stand at less than 0.01% of the assets currently under the group’s management. This provides a more secure climate for investors and a level of trust that comes from the knowledge that best possible results can be delivered by the ‘group’.

Annual growth

200% annual growth: The Alliance Group has consistently reported over 200% annual growth over the last 5 years, with a track record of delivering solid results on behalf of its partners. As a result it is recognized as the go-to provider of international and financial services.

“Ideally placed to manage and develop its continued growth”

With a range of guaranteed investment programs, Alliance Capital Savings offers a tailored approach to investors so that they can be sure that their investment profile can be woven into the infrastructure of their investment portfolio.