Our Philosophy

At Alliance Group we take our commitment to corporate social responsibility extremely seriously. It is written into our corporate DNA that we should strive to ‘always be the best’ and we apply to same passion to maximising our positive impact on society. It is our view that the business world has a duty to achieve growth and sustainability, yet it must also look at the big picture and consider how commercial advances can benefit society.

One of our core values is that ‘nothing is impossible’ which is why Alliance is one of the 12,000 collaborators who are members of the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest voluntary corporate responsibility initiative.

“Globalisation makes it clear that social responsibility is required not only of governments but of companies and individuals”

Anna Lindh

Alliance Group’s corporate citizenship has resulted in the launch of Alliance International Aid charity. This charity was founded to fight child trafficking, to help the thousands of vulnerable children who are subjected to abuse and coerced into working in the sex industry throughout the world.

We encourage every organisation to actively support initiatives designed to improve society’s wellbeing on both a local and global scale, as without society businesses cannot continue to grow.