Location: Hong Kong
Manager: Marketing Manager, Alliance Group
Hours: 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday

Role Purpose

As a junior member of the team, the Sales & Marketing Executive is responsible for locating, qualifying and approaching prospective clients to arrange new business meetings on behalf of the Client Relations Manager.

In this role, the Sales & Marketing executive will research and analyse companies in Hong Kong so that a prospect database can be established and relationships developed.

With the support of Alliance Insurance Services, the Sales & Marketing Executive will be expected to learn, develop and practice skills such as marketing research, strategy and communications activities including telesales, public relations and direct response advertising so that they can continually improve their abilities and experience and ultimately progress to more senior positions within the company.

Duties & Responsibilities

Prospecting:  Locating & qualifying appropriate corporate prospects in Hong Kong, whilst developing and maintaining prospect database.

Telesales:  Approaching corporate prospects in Hong Kong through direct telesales methods in order to establish relationships and arrange new business meetings on behalf of Customer Relations Managers.

Marketing Communications:  Learn and develop marketing communications skills and practices.

Account Management:  Learn and develop account management skills and practices.

Strategic Management:  Work as part of the team to continually develop innovative practices and business development plans.

Representation:  Promote and support the corporate visions, values and brand identity of Alliance Insurance Services by acting as an ambassador of the company.

General:  Other duties required in the support of Alliance Insurance Services and the operation efficiency of the company.


Persuasive Communication:  Excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills to express ideas or facts, orally or in writing, in a clear and persuasive manner to convince others to own expressed point of view.

Planning and Organising:  Exceptional time management skills, energetic and highly skilled ability to establish efficiently an appropriate course of action for self and/or others to accomplish a goal

Innovation:  Ability to generate ideas and solutions to problems, including new ways of working.

Information Technology:  Experience using Microsoft applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.


Ambitious:  Strong desire for success and to personally develop skills and experience.  Focussed on achieving goals whilst reviewing results and making efforts to continually improve own performance.

Professional:  Exceptional professionalism in both manner and appearance.

Accountable:  Respects opinions and is confident in giving own opinions in a constructive, open and honest manner.  Takes responsibility for issues and problems and will work collaboratively in order to find solutions.

Determined:  Resilient, focussed and self disciplined attitude towards short term and long term projects and objectives.

Progressive:  Critically analyses subjects with skilful judgment to ensure excellence, accepts nothing but the best and persists until the best is achieved.

Curious:  Questions everything, acts upon a foundation of knowledge and makes informed decisions.

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