Alliance Insurance Services Appoints New Chief Executive

Alliance Group company, Alliance Insurance Services, has appointed Jenny Chan as Chief Executive of its operations in Hong Kong.

For more information on Alliance Insurance Services in Hong Kong visit:  https://ais.com.hk/

Jenny joined Alliance Insurance Services in 2016 tasked with the overall management of Alliance Insurance Services Operations and Compliance functions. Having held high profile positions within the Alliance Group and the Hong Kong insurance market since 2013, Jenny Chan was nominated Alliance Insurance Services Chief Executive and MPF Responsible Officer

Jul 13 2019|

Alliance International Servicing Launch Online

Alliance Group company, Alliance International Servicing, have re-branded their online presence.

Registered with the Board of Investment (BOI) Alliance International Servicing support international companies through its network of global support centres.

For more information on Alliance International Servicing visit:  https://www.globalservicing.com/

Today, Alliance International Servicing provides companies around the world with a range of TPA services including, but not limited to, lead generation, product administration, claims adjudication, data entry, customer service, call centre support and facilities/office management.

By focusing on the customer experience at

Jun 11 2019|

Alliance Expands International Licensing in North America Region

Alliance Group company, Alliance Insurance Services, has received authorization from the Financial Services Commission in the Caribbean to carry out insurance and financial services activity as a licensed broker.

With existing licenses and registrations throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, the addition of North America further strengthens the group’s ability to deliver products and services around the world and adds additional security for both the company’s infrastructure and continuity.

Issued in December 2018, this new authorization allows the company to

Feb 8 2019|

Turbulent Economies and a War for Talent Sends Salaries Skyrocketing in 2018

In the World Economic Outlook produced in October 2017 by the International Monetary Fund, economic activity is strengthening globally and projected to rise to 3.7% in 2018.

Salaries are Rising.

Salaries are also on the rise globally in 2018, according to a report by the Economic Research Institute. The report was compiled using data from governmental resources, publications, and information from over 20,000 companies, and includes a county-by-country breakdown of growth, unemployment, inflation, and salary increases over the past

Feb 16 2018|

Alliance Group company, NowCompare, Reaches 10 Million Expats

NowCompare, the world’s largest expat advisory service, reaches over 10 million expats in the last year.

Alliance Group company, NowCompare, has confirmed that it has supported over 10 million expats in the last year; further cementing its place as the world’s most visited expat broker.

NowCompare is accustomed to setting new industry standards and milestones being recognized as the world’s first international insurance aggregator and since this time has focussed its efforts of expanding operations around the world.

Today the company supports expats

Jun 25 2017|

Alliance Group Confirm Updated Alliance Capital Savings

Alliance Group International, the global insurance and financial services intermediary, confirm release of updated savings platform Alliance Capital Savings.

With extended layers of security for clients including and expansion on capital guarantees, further global regulatory oversight and the addition of an insurance partner protecting client savings; Alliance Capital Savings has further established itself as the premier international savings plan.

Having a proven track record of almost 10 years, Alliance Capital Savings enters this new phase of its development stronger than ever

Jun 11 2017|