Bristol, Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Berkshire

We are looking for an experienced HR Consultant/Business Partner to join the team and work with our International and UK based clients providing HR support.

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Title:  Associate Director, HR Consultant / Business Partner

This is a home-based role with occasional travel across the UK and overseas. The businesses we work for keep their support flexible and costs manageable by receiving most of their HR services via Skype audio and video facilities.

Our team is friendly and informal and very well connected with our remote workers and so you never feel as if you are ‘on your own’. Those coffee machine conversations can just as easily happen over Skype.

As we recruit, the role will eventually have a number of direct reports to motivate and performance manage, so previous line management experience is essential.

Hours of work can be self-managed, as long as the business and team deliverables are met. This might mean having time off in the week if it suits you (and the businesses you are working for) but it may mean meeting that important deadline by working on a Saturday to get things done.

This is a very flexible opportunity with a very mature approach to working styles.

Objectives of the Role

Being the first-in-mind for our Clients by providing exceptional HR advice, guidance and support to their global businesses through remote services. Identifying opportunities to provide other services.

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