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Welcome to Alliance Capital Asset Management, one of the premier international investment choices for professional and institutional investors.

Registered in the Cayman Islands, home to over 75% of the World's hedge funds, Alliance Capital Asset Management allows investors to receive a guaranteed growth over their chosen investment period with the main vehicle driving growth being Alliance Group's Asia based subsidiaries and operations.

Having an annual growth rate average at 200% for the last 5 years, Alliance Group has a proven track record of delivering solid results on behalf of its partners and is recognized by many as the go to provider of international insurance and financial services.

By leveraging the success of the Alliance Group as a whole. Alliance Capital Asset Management has established itself as a strategically risk managed mechanism for investors to receive a guaranteed rate of return in one of the World's most investor friendly environments.

With a range of guaranteed investment programs, Alliance Capital Asset Management offers a tailored approach to investors so that they can be sure that their investment style can be woven into the infastructure of the investment portfolio.

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