About Alliance

Just as individuals have personalities, so do organizations. Our corporate identity will be derived from our strategic priorities and corporate culture and this in turn will be formed and shared by the members of the organization.

Alliance is focused on delivering excellence; we will be the best at everything we do and will be recognized for having the best people, providing the best products and the best services at the best prices.

Our mission is simple and achievable: We will provide a platform where everybody can benefit from our actions, whether it is our customers, our partners or our employees.

Customers: We will take the time to understand our customer’s needs and will exceed them, each time and every time.

Partners: We will work in cooperation with our partners to ensure that we continually develop our products and our services. We are innovators, and as such will lead, not follow.

Employees: We respect and admire our colleagues and will provide every opportunity for them to develop their skills and experience. Each person will contribute to the success of Alliance Insurance Services and will share in the opportunities that our success brings.

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