Welcome to Mybenefits, one of the premier employee benefits specialists helping companies and organizations achieve their strategic employee benefits objectives.

As one of the most comprehensive and strategically focused employee benefits organization, Mybenefits provides international companies and organizations with a one-stop solution to their insurance and financial services including the provision of pension management, employee engagement and wellness programs.


Having been nominated for the last 3 years as the “Best Employee Benefits Service Provider in Asia” by the Expatriate Management & Mobility Awards, Mybenefits has quickly established itself as the provider of choice amongst senior human resources professionals in Asia and enjoys some of the highest retention levels of any employee benefits consultancy in the region (currently at 98%).

According to HR Magazine “Mybenefits, an Alliance Group Company, has made the first inroads towards helping organizations implement a more tailored approach to employee benefits by developing a platform that is not only free, but also aims to dramatically reduce costs of employee benefits.”

It is this reputation that has led Mybenefits to becoming one of the fastest growing employee benefits specialists in Asia and one of the first to gain ground upon the international broker consultants that had previously dominated the market.


With a specific focus on the international market, Mybenefits has seen significant growth over recent years maintaining a rate in excess of90% each year. With this growth, Mybenefits has established a large market share especially within professional services where up to 40% of the international companies in the designated target market have appointed Mybenefits as their exclusive broker and employee benefits consultant.

A key contributor to the success of Mybenefits is the ability to leverage Alliance Group’s innovative systems design and management and through this, Mybenefits has been able to launch and deliver one of Asia’s first employee benefits engagement systems to the market, a system that is considered by many to outperform competing technologies around the World.

“Best Employee Benefits Service Provider in Asia”

Nominated by the Expatriate
Management & Mobility Awards.

In   addition   to   systems,   Mybenefits   has   built   a   strong reputation  within  the insurance  market itself as a market innovator  having developed and delivered global pooling insurance  programs that  have been followed by much of the competition.