Alliance Security Services

Welcome to Alliance Security Services, Alliance Group’s specialist security division.

By providing risk management and threat prevention programs to international companies and organizations, Alliance Security Services is recognized as one of the most proficient security services providers.

Its extensive network of security professionals consists of ex military, intelligence, police and special operations personnel that are able to plan, implement and manage tailored security projects from security analysis and testing to covert operations.

”Corporate security can manage, oversee and coordinate all functions concerned with the security and safety within your organisation”

By incorporating the latest systems and intelligence techniques, Alliance Security Services has been able to successfully support organizations understand their exposure to loss, implement security measures and mitigate risk across all areas of their operations.

In addition, Alliance Security Services provides entities with valuable insights through its information gathering and analysis functions that enable better decision making and increased competitive advantage.

Today, Alliance Security Services is called upon by businesses, governmental and non-governmental organizations to support them in achieving their core objectives, reduce effects of the risks they may face and keep their people safe.